PictureSync PhotoSync PictureSynch Sync
PictureSync - photo uploader for Mac
Annotate and share,
your photos and videos.
v1.8 r19
free shareware download
for Apple Mac OSX
for Microsoft Windows XP Vista
Online Services
Flickr Flickr Webshots Webshots
Fotki Fotki Smugmug Smugmug
ipernity ipernity Pixelpipe Pixelpipe
Facebook Facebook Kodak EasyShare Gallery Kodak Gallery
Phanfare Phanfare Photobucket Photobucket
23hq 23 23 VOX blogging VOX
Shutterfly print cards Shutterfly Zenfolio Zenfolio
Zooomr Zooomr Buzznet Buzznet
Dripbook Dripbook Menalto Gallery Gallery2 Remote Gallery G2
FotoTime FotoTime

FTP FTP export folder gallery Export to folder
Desktop Integration
iPhoto upload iPhoto Adobe Bridge, IPTC XMPDrag and drop*
Microsoft Expression Media xMedia Expression Media iView MediaPro media catalog iView MediaPro
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Lightroom  
*including Adobe Bridge, Extensis Portfolio, GraphicConverter and other IPTC/XMP apps.

→ IPTC/XMP annotation editor
Remembers your uploads
Resize pictures for faster upload
→ Supports many file formats
→ Upload and resize video clips
→ Upload directly to albums
→ Lossless auto-rotation
→ Search annotations with Spotlight
sRGB ICC colour conversion
→ Batch upload to multiple services
Fullscreen for easy annotation
Geocoding and geotagging
Rules for manipulating annotations

8th June '09: PictureSync is now free, unsupported and no longer maintained, indeed it may not work with your desired service provider. See the blog for background, and for future news follow PictureSync on Twitter. Enquiries should be directed to its erstwhile developer, Jacob Jay.
20th September '09: PictureSync 1.8r18+ supports OS X 10.6 ‘Snow Leopard’ only, removing support for both Aperture and OS X 10.5 or earlier. You may download 1.8r17 if you are not yet using 10.6. PictureSync should continue working with providers having stable APIs, such as Flickr.
28th May '11: PictureSync 1.8r19+ has been released to fix a bug introduced with OS X 10.6.7+. Use 'Check for update' or download now.
12th November '13: under Mavericks PictureSync is (still) functioning for photo uploads, but not apparently file annotation editing nor with videos. Note however that new services (provider plugins) cannot be installed automatically whilst adding a new account, and must therefore be manually downloaded (and not all these may still be working, however if you'd like to update any or write a new plugin please just ask for the AppleScripts): 23hq, Flickr, Dripbook, Facebook, Fotki, ipernity, Smugmug, Webshots, Viewbook, Zenfolio — unzip then double-click.

Easy photo-upload and annotation

PictureSync is a convenient utility that simplifies annotating and batch uploading your photographs and video clips to online services—directly from your albums in image-management applications, or files, and whilst preserving metadata.

image organization, photo organizer

PictureSync requires OS X 10.6+
Intel only
2.8 MB disk image
See newsflash below for older versions