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Order License

You can purchase a standard license by simply downloading at least one file from Picture Sync. This license will enable you to use your downloaded file for different reasons, either commercial, business, or personal purposes. These three purposes are not restricted by the license, so you can use it freely.

When you have an order license, we are allowing you to use our contents for different purposes, such as for product packaging, books and magazines, newspapers, presentations, film and TV shows, social media, websites, applications, software, marketing, advertising, and a lot more. On the other hand, if you purchase an extended license, you are now allowed to use our contents in millions of ways you want.

Each file license features more than 10,000 US Dollars of the legal guarantee. We promise this to you when you decided to use our content under our set license terms and conditions. Take note that when you have our license, you will not be charged with copyright infringement, trademark, moral right, or violates any right of publicity or privacy. If you are going to use our contents for a wider set of purposes, we recommend you order our Extended Legal Guarantee.

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