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PictureSync - photo sharing and organization
Annotate and share,
your photos.
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for Apple Mac OSX
for Microsoft Windows XP Vista
Online Services
Flickr Flickr Webshots Webshots
Facebook Facebook Photobucket Photobucket
fotki Fotki zoomer Zooomr
ipernity ipernity 23hq 23 23
FTP FTP Pixelpipe Pixelpipe
Desktop Integration
Adobe Bridge, IPTC XMPDrag and drop* Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Lightroom  
Microsoft Expression Media xMedia Expression Media iView MediaPro media catalog MediaPro
*including Windows Live Photo Gallery, and other IPTC/XMP compatible apps.

→ IPTC/XMP annotation editor
Resize pictures for faster upload
→ Upload directly to albums

Easy photo-sharing and annotation

PictureSync is a convenient utility that simplifies annotating and uploading your photographs to online services—directly from your folders or albums in image-management applications, and whilst preserving metadata.

PictureSync for Windows is not currently being maintained and is unsupported. For future news please follow PictureSync on Twitter. Enquiries should be directed to its erstwhile creator, Jacob Jay. For coders, the core web-services abstractions used in PictureSync have been released as the open-source .NET MediaSock framework.

image organization, photo organizer

PictureSync for Windows Public Alpha

What you can do

  • Add and edit IPTC/XMP annotations for your photographs
  • Upload photographs to photosharing services (and create new albums)
  • Automatically map metadata to keywords/caption on upload

What you can't do (yet)

  • Browse or download the contents of your online albums
  • See what you've uploaded (uploads are not remembered)
  • Upload non-JPEG files
  • Move/organise files within PictureSync


  • Click an image to show the annotation inspector
  • Start dragging an image or click in a blank area to hide the inspector
  • Right-click an account to create a new album, remove it or change its settings (resizing, keyword/caption mappings)
  • Drag images to reorder them manually, or use the View>Sort menu
  • Drag images to the tray to organise, annotate and sort them before uploading, the tray contents are not remembered between launches
  • If you drag a file from outside PictureSync to an online album, only the file is uploaded and it's metadata will not be read (to ensure metadata is uploaded, add it to the tray first, or select it from a folder )
  • Select images in MediaPro/Expression Media then swap to PictureSync to upload
  • Annotations are saved to your actual files (without altering/recompressing the image)

Requires Windows XP SP2+ or Vista
.NET 2.0 (install included)
2.7 MB exe