They call it love at first sight. We call it love at first flight. That’s what it is like for beloved showbiz power couple Diamond and Zari when they talk about their marriage. Even though there are some troubles in their relationship, they always find the way to overcome, true love always win.

1. Diamond and Zari stepping out

When they step out, they are nothing short of boss and boss lady status. The couple had a great time when to partied at B club in Nairobi over the weekend.

2. Fun and play, sweet

They really know how to make the sweetest moment.

3. Style and elegance

They wearperfectly coordinated matching outfits that proved even their fashion sense was already in-sync. This cute photo was taken after Diamond sang a beautiful song for Zari after breakup rumors had emerged.

4. Diamond and Zari during Ramadhan

Diamond and Zari look beautiful with gold. They took this during Ramadhan.

5. Diamond and Zari with their son Prince Nillan

When they shared that special moment together with their small angle, their son Nillan.

6. Need say more?

They just can’t get their hands off each other.

7. Work, work, work!

They can pose amazing photos even when they work together.

8. All work and no play?

Sweet moment when to play at the swimming pool makes Diamond a happy man!

9. Elegance

During baby Nillan’s first unveiling the couple wore a matching red outfit with ‘Mrs DEE’ imprinted on her back.

10. Zari during her pregnancy

How special the photo is during her pregnancy with their son Nillan.

11. Awwwwww!

When a king knows exactly how to take care of his queen.

12. The couple’s wedding

With just one of a simple photo shoot let the world know that we are getting marriage.

13. So sweet

No word can describe this emotional moment.

14. The emotions evoked needs no words

When he treats you as a queen you treat him like a king. Zari knows how to take care of her man.

15. That’s just wow!

When you find that one person you can just be yourself around.


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