Flappy Bird is an extremely popular game in early 2014 and is considered as one of the best and most addictive games in the world. Right when was in the midst of all the attention, when received millions of downloads and earned the revenue up to $50,000 per day, Flappy Bird was abruptly removed by its developer, Mr. Dong Nguyen. This caused a great shock to the public at the time and there were mixed opinions revolved around this issue. Someone said that the removal of Flappy Bird from both the largest app stores are the App Store and Google Play by Nguyen Ha Dong is a crazy action but also some people think this is a wise action at that time. So what is the real cause make a good game like Flappy Bird be removed? Please read this article to clarify why was flappy bird removed!

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Why was flappy bird removed?

Legal issue

Although Mr.Dong Nguyen has stated on his twitter that there are no legal issues, however, many opinions told that Flappy Bird game is very similar to the Mario game. Author Erik Kain in an article which posted in Forbes said that: “Not only the green chimneys but the bird Flappy are almost all derived from Nintendo’s proprietary Mario game, Similarly, the sound effects and background images of Flappy Bird are also derived from Mario. ” So, this is probably a big pressure for this young developer.

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Moreover, there was information that Dong Nguyen has received a warning letter from Nintendo that he would be sued for copyright infringement. However, after Dong Nguyen removed the Flappy Bird from the App Store and Google Play, in a speech to the press, Nintendo representative has said that Nintendo never intended to sue Dong to the court. However, whether or not the problem of copyright infringement, this was certainly one of the main reasons made Dong Nguyen decide to remove Flappy Bird.

Victims of media storms

Why was flappy bird removed

Nguyen Ha Dong’s attempt to evade the media has also shown that Flappy Bird’s popularity has made his life turned upside down. On his Twitter page, he also said, “I can say Flappy Bird is my success, but it also ruined my normal life, so now I hate it.” or “The media has overstated the success of my games, that’s what I never wanted. Let me be safe.” etc. In addition, many players expressed dissatisfaction and anger at the difficulty of the game which has made Nguyen Ha Dong have to exclaim that “I’m not afraid of the success of Flappy Bird that afraid of how people are using it. They are playing it too extreme.” From these statuses, we can recognize that, at that time, Nguyen Ha Dong was under great pressure from public opinion. And this was also the main reason that made Flappy Bird be removed.

Conclusion: This article has just analyzed and explained for the questions why was flappy bird removed or why was flappy bird deleted. Hope that this article has brought you interesting information. Thank you for reading!

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