Drag Racer v3 hacked unblocked is a racing game series that was developed by Adam Telfer, this game was released to the public in 2004 under Flash game category. Drag Racer V3 featuring many game modes such as: Arcade mode, Tuner mode, and online mode; giving several of choices to gamers. Each of the modes will have different targets (missions) for you to achieve.

It’s time to pick your favorite car and start the engine!!

Game play:

Drag Racer v3 hacked unblocked is one of the best drag racing simulator games that will put your driving skills into a real test against other competitors from both Online and Offline (versus computer). The game provides to you a list of supercars from Acura, Lamborghini, BMW to Mercedes, Subaru, Nissan and many more!

With the latest Drag Racer v3 version, players are now will be able to customize their own cars and put them on a drag racing challenge. By practicing from time to time, players will soon master their drag racing skills, nail many perfect shifts and ready to compete with others players from all over the world.

Drag Racer V3 featuring 03 gaming modes that you could play, including: Arcade, Tuner and Online.

Arcade mode is where you can buy your favorite racing car and race against the computer, training your drag racing skills. Tuner mode is similar to Arcade but it allows you to start designing your car from scratch and leveling up your skills by winning races.

Last but not the least is the online mode, where you will be able to race with other players from worldwide. In this mode, you can also discuss with them about cars or just generally show off your skills.

The design of this game might look pretty simple at first, but if you take a look closer then you will notice that developers have taken a good care of this game in many details, from the appearance into car engine also. By selecting each car, you will have all information about specs like horsepower, weight and the number of mods of that particular car.

Controls and Settings:

  • Press Spacebar to accelerate your car.
  • Using Arrow keys to shift the gearbox Up and Down.
  • Clutch can be used by enabling it from Options menu, to make you feel more realistic while racing.
  • To activate Nitro, use N key from your keyboard.

What is special about this Hacked Unblocked version?

With this Drag Racer v3 hacked unblocked version, players will be able to enjoy Drag Racer V3 from anywhere that they like and at anytime that they feel comfortable to play without getting any blocking network issue due to some restrictions at few particular places.

By playing this version, you will have: full of cash in any difficulty level which provided 3 different engines with 1000 HP and TP, together with 3 with 99999 HP and TP.

Summary/ Verdict:

If you’re a fan of racing car game, then Drag Racer v3 hacked unblocked is the right game just for you! This hacked version is a shortcut for gamers who need to win this game in a fast way but still able to enjoy the beauty of this game. This can be an effective way to wipe out your enemies, getting unlimited cast and health, achieving more items, etc. you will basically become invincible in this game!

Drag Racer V3 hacked unblocked is the best Flash Racing game that we’re proudly introduced to you in this review today. Let’s give this game a try and don’t forget to share your thought with us!

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