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Dinosaur Game Multiplayer is a new endless-running and fast-paced video game, created and published by Rapperkey. The game has just released, which is based on the Dinosaur game (by Google) released in 2014. In addition, the game offers players the ability to play online and connect with friends, which is satisfied the needs of many players: a Dinosaur game which players can join online and challenge their friends or relatives. Dinosaur Game Multiplayer provides a simple way to play, you just need to use the jump key to help the dinosaur avoid dangerous obstacles.

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Also, the game challenge players with the obstacles are cactuses and flying ducks. Players only dealt with the cactus at the beginning of the game. Nevertheless, the game will be more and more challenging by offering the appearance of the ducks (when the player reaches 450 points). Players can either jump or stoop to avoid these flying ducks. Moreover, accurately time the jump, while paying attention to the distance between the dinosaur and incoming obstacles to score high points are the primary objectives of each player. Furthermore, as players collecting a high score, it will be more difficult to progress through the game, but this is the most exciting point of the game.

Amazing features

The shadow of other dinosaurs will be offered by the game for players avoid dying too soon. Moreover, the game has also brought online leaderboard for players, which is a new feature compared to the previous version. In addition, this game can be highlighted by a new mode – “Play With Friend”, in which players can enjoy with their friends or relatives in private rooms.

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The appearance of the Dinosaur Game Multiplayer game will attract many players due to several reasons. Firstly, after enjoying this game, I have been addicted to the gameplay due to its amazing graphics and the cutest features. Secondly, it is not hard to get used to the game since it provides a very simple gameplay that suitable for everybody. As a result, it will be easy for you to enjoy this game with friends or even your younger sister/brother.

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Therefore, you will refer get the best experience when you play Dinosaur Game Multiplayer with your younger sister/brother in your free time rather than playing alone with your phone. With an addictive gameplay, classic graphics of the original version, etc., Dinosaur Game Multiplayer is the most interesting game that you cannot ignore.

Check it here: https://dinosaurgame.io/#index

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