Borderlands 2 is an action and shooting video game proclaimed by 2K Games and developed by Gearbox Software. This 2nd version is the latter one of 2009’s Borderlands. The game offers for several platforms such as PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox 360, etc. In this paper, some Borderlands 2 Xbox 360 cheats and hints are provided clearly for all Borderland 2’s players to take a reference.

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After killing the barrels and enemies you will originally gain the “Not Full Of Monkeys”. In case of playing the “Gaige the Mechromancer’ DLC, you will not have the barrel. Firstly, make Rakks angry and call the Deathtrap. The Rakks will chase after you and the Deathtrap will kill them by its laser. It makes up a stationary barrel by this way and you can try on the flying enemies for quick ranking.

Not Full Of Monkeys Tip

  • Minecraft Stuff:

This cheat consists of many steps towards Borderlands 2 Xbox 360 cheats collection. You then need to go to Sanctuary Hole and jump into the steep rocky hill after completing chapter 9th. Guide to the northwest of Caustic Caverns until you see the Guardian Ruins. After that, go to the Minecarts, turn right, pass the rectangular rocks and then turn left. Here is your Minecraft Dirt! Break it and find out the Minecraft stone, coal, and cobblestone. Keeping break that stone and discover Creepers, diamond, gold, iridium, and others. If you defeat the Badass Creeper, you will be rewarded Minecraft skins like Steves Clothes and Steve Head.

Minecraft Stuff

  • The Konami Code:

The simplest cheat compared to other Borderlands 2 Xbox 360 cheats is here! Enter the Konami code on the title screen: UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A START in order to open several additional “wubs” which are rare but cool (like Easter Egg)

  • Full metal jacket references:

A wide range of references for the Full Metal Jacket movie in the game. A typical familiar challenge is “This is my Rifle” in the film. Otherwise, the quote “You will not die unless you are told” in reanimation station is a reference to R. Lee Emery quote in the movie.

  • Unlimited Rare Loot (premiere club):

If the players pre-order the game, they will become members of “Premiere club” and they will be given a special key to unlock loot in Sanctuary. This loot box can be opened just once per trip during the gameplay. However, there is an exception that pause the game, tell another local player join your game with a role of a guest. This guest will also own a gold key and the open the box for you to gain the loot. After finishing, the guest will sign out of your account. Hence, you can beg others to do this for you to gain as many loots as you want. This is called the unique co-operative cheats in the series of Borderlands 2 Xbox 360 cheats in this game.

Unlimited Rare Loot

  • Easy money, iridium, and XP:

In case of having a mechromancer or commando character, you will be able to upgrade your character at the end of the campaign in order to prepare for more difficult battles in True Vault Hunter mode. When defeating successfully the boss, keep staying on that chamber and use the turrets to take the Rakk enemies out. If you have mechromancer, your skill will be maximum by that point and the DT period will enhance after each killing time. You can let your weapons automatically beat the enemies while you do other jobs.

  • Extra Backpack Storage:

You are able to carry more gear in your storage rather than you thought. Firstly, look after a vendor and sell unnecessary items in your package to expand your room. Secondly, grab any items scattered around or buy the vendor’s wares until your backpack is out of room, then you will purchase the items you have sold before. Doing this and your room will be expanded temporarily.

  • Borderlands Skins:

If you protect your Borderlands 2 on a device which includes a save file from Borderlands, you will be able to unlock skins from the previous game in Borderlands 2.

Borderlands Skins

  • True Vault Hunter Mode:

Finishing the Story mode and open the True Vault Hunter mode, this features more crazy enemies for you to earn more experience points.

  • Lyin’ King:

Seeking for the huge enclosure whereas working with the Wildlife Preserve. In this place, you will be fought by 2 enemies: Pimon and Tumbaa. Kill both of them within 10 seconds and you will enter a special challenge.

  • Instant reload:

So as to reload the weapons, open inventory and equipment menu and your game will be paused if you are not playing with friends. Select a weapon you expect to reload, switch it out for another weapon then repeat switching the weapons. The expecting weapon now has a full clip then you can exit that menu to continue to play without having to wait anymore.

Instant reload

  • Unlimited rare items:

What a trickiest cheats among the list of Borderlands 2 Xbox 360 cheats! You will meet Michael Mamaril in Sanctuary. Talk to him and he will give you a rare item. Save your playing game and sign out to the menu, then upload your save-file and look for Michael to collect more rare items.

  • Infinite Eridium:

You will fight against the Bad Maw boss in Three Horns Valley. Try to kill him and pick his Eridium which is dropped during the fighting. Move to the Bloodshot Stronghold and choose “Save and Quit”. Moving back to the game and come to the Three Horns Valley again to kill that boss and collect Eridium one more time.

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