dragon ball fighterz game

Dragon Ball Fighterz is a great fighting game with a detail fighting system and excellent character roster. Released in early 2018, this game rapidly attracted a huge number of gamers and became so popular in the world. Being a quite new game, so players have lots of questions and wonders revolving around this game. Some common questions about this game: Dragon Ball Fighterz how to play with friends? Is dragon ball fighterz cross platform? Is Dragon Ball Fighterz Vegito release date, Dragon Ball Fighterz editions. In this article, we will answer and dissect about these problems.

dragon ball fighterz game

A bit about Dragon Ball Fighterz

Because this is a new game, first of all, I will mention a bit about Dragon Ball Fighterz for those who don’t know much about this game. If you have known about it, let’s skip this content section and move to the content sections below.

Dragon Ball Fighterz is an interesting 2.5D fighting game and the final installment of Dragon Ball franchise. This game was created by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment in early 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Window. In this game, players will control a team including three characters to participate in various PvP battles. With lots of assist move, simultaneous attacks, combo, this game offers a great fighting system. In addition, its excellent character roster, visuals, and music, etc, also make this game receive so many positive reviews from critics and gamers. It is considered one of the best fighting games released in the eighth generation of video game.

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Is Dragon Ball Fighterz cross platform?

As mentioned above, Dragon Ball FighterZ is available to play on both PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For this reason, lots of people wonder about is Dragon Ball FighterZ cross platform? In fact, the answer for this question is that Dragon Ball FighterZ doesn’t offer cross-platform play. This means if you have the PS4 version of this game, you can’t play with the one who has the PC or Xbox one version.

Dragon Ball Fighterz editions

Being a great fighting game, Dragon Ball Fighterz has several editions such as CollectorZ Edition, Ultimate Edition, and Pre-Order Edition. Each edition has its own and unique core features.

dragon ball fighterz cross platform

CollectorZ Edition

This is the biggest edition of Dragon Ball Fighterz. In this edition, gamers will receive not only the video game but also several extra goodies. In detail, this edition offers a total of three artboards, one exclusive Steelbook for the video game, and a statue of Goku in the form of Super Saiyan.

Ultimate Edition

This edition also comes with several extra goodies much like the CollectorZ Edition. However, you will have to miss many different items that are included in CollectorZ Edition to get more in-game content. In detail, this edition includes some extra goodies. For example, the FighterZ Pass will include 8 characters, there are 11 songs from the anime series in music pack. In addition, there is a commentator voice pack in this ultimate edition.

Pre-Order Edition

In this edition, players will receive some additional goodies. In detail, they will be able to access immediately to Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Super Saiyan Blue Goku. In addition, this edition also offers two lobby avatars and allows players to access the open Beta.

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Dragon Ball Fighterz Vegito release date

dragon ball fighterz vegito release date

The release date of character is also a common question of so many people who are Dragon Ball Fighterz’s fans. In which, Dragon Ball Fighterz Vegito release date is concerned by so many people. In fact, every month, Bandai Namco – publisher of this game, like a clockwork and reveal two new DLC characters and their release date. Vegito is a character that was released in May 2018. In detail, this character was launched in PSN Store, Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam update on last May 31.

In order to use it, you need to access the store for your platform, download, and unlock for use. You only can play Vegito in all game’s modes where it is playable after unlocking successfully.

Dragon Ball Fighterz how to play with friends?

Being an interesting fighting game, Dragon Ball Fighterz how to play with friend is a very common question. In fact, although this game has stormed out of gates, lots of players still have trouble in finding a way to play online with friends. Oddly, Dragon Ball Fighterz doesn’t offer the direct invite function. But don’t worry because you still can enjoy this game with your friends using a Ring Match lobby.

Create a Ring Match

First, both you and your friends need to join the same lobby in the same region. The max players in a lobby is 64, so you shouldn’t choose the one with numbers close to that. We recommend going to a low-player-number lobby to make sure that all of you will definitely get in.

dragon ball fighterz how to play with friends

When everyone’s in the lobby, let’s find an area that you’d like to host your game in. You need to make sure that everyone knows the location, so an open location is a great choice. There, you will have to create a Ring Match. If playing on PS4, press R2 and on Xbox One, press RT to open the Ring Settings menu. Here you can pick three categories to let other players know that what sort match are you hosting.

Set up the battle rules

Next, it’s the time to set up the battle rules. For a standard 1-on-1 game, Ring Match is a great choice. For 3-on-3 game with different players on each character, Ring Party Match is the best recommendation for you. After that, let’s choose which players end up on which team. In case you don’t care this problem, just pick the Ring Party Match (Shuffle) option and think no further more.

In order to make this match privately, let’s set a password and let your friends know it. Finally, when all of you are in this lobby, let’s select the number of players involved in the Ring Match. That’s all about Dragon Ball Fighterz how to play with friends. Now your Ring Match lobby is ready for your friend to join and have great moments together.

In case your friend has created a Ring Match and you want to join it, let’s find their setup location and move to within their circle. Here, you can choose to join the Ring Match by entering your given passcode. Very easy, isn’t it?

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Dragon Ball Fighterz controls ps4

Dragon Ball Fighterz controls ps4 is also one of the most common wonders of so many players. In fact, controls of this game on PS4 is very simple. Let’s see the picture below, you will quickly understand the controls of this game on PS4.

dragon ball fighterz controls ps4

Dragon Ball Fighterz controls ps4

Dragon Ball Fighterz special events

In Dragon Ball Fighterz, there are various Special Events in the Story mode that make this game become more attractive. In fact, these events give some great cutscenes and they are interspersed just before the fights. In detail, when you reunite some certain characters, they will create some amazing dialogue.

dragon ball fighterz special events

In order to unlock these Dragon Ball Fighterz special events, you need to team up some certain characters. These characters need to have history together to unlock the Special Event. In addition, the collection of all Special Events in the Story Mode are determined by the map that you are in. Sometimes you can’t find the right opponent to unlock Special Event, however, you still can go back the map later.

Some Dragon Ball Fighterz special events and how to unlock

In this section, I will introduce to you some Dragon Ball Fighterz special events and the combination to unlock them.

Super Warrior Arc Enemy Warrior Arc Android 21 Arc
Goku + Vegeta + Gotenks Captain Ginyu + Frieza Goku + Android 21
Goku + Gohan + Piccolo Nappa + Captain Ginyu vs. Clone Vegeta Android 18 vs. Clone Cell
Goku + Vegeta vs. Frieza Frieza + Cell vs. Goku Piccolo + Android 21
Goku + Vegeta vs. Clone Kid Buu Captain Ginyu + Frieza + Cell Vegeta + Gotenks + Android 21
Goku + Gohan vs. Cell Vegeta + Captain Ginyu Gohan + Android 18 + Android 21
Gotenks + Gohan Goku + Captain Ginyu MajinBuu + Android 21
Gohan + Piccolo vs. Nappa Goku + Cell Krillin + Yamcha
Vegeta + Tien vs. Nappa Gohan + Captain Ginyu Piccolo + Tien + Android 21
Goku + Krillin + Yamcha Gotenks + Captain Ginyu Android 18 vs. Clone Vegeta
Gohan + Buu vs. Clone Kid Buu Goku + Vegeta + Frieza Android 16 + Android 18
Goku + Buu vs. Clone Kid Buu Tien + Nappa Android 18 + Android 21 vs. Clone Frieza
Vegeta + Piccolo Yamcha + Nappa Yamcha + Android 18
Gohan + Krillin vs. Captain Ginyu Vegeta + Nappa vs. Clone Goku Android 16 vs. Clone Goku
Krillin + Yamcha Gotenks + Nappa
Yamcha + Tien Krillin + Cell vs. Android 16
Goku + Tien vs. Clone Piccolo Goku + MajinBuu + Frieza
Goku vs. Clone Goku MajinBuu + Cell vs. Clone Kid Buu
Vegeta vs. Clone Vegeta Gotenks + Frieza
Gohan vs. Clone Gohan Gohan + Cell
Gotenks + Buu Piccolo + Frieza
Vegeta (SSGSS) vs. Cell Tien + Cell
Gohan + Krillin vs. Android 16 Goku + Frieza
Goku (SSGSS) vs. Captain Ginyu + Frieza Nappa vs. Clone Nappa
Piccolo + Yamcha Goku + Vegeta + Piccolo
Vegeta + Gotenks + Piccolo Frieza vs. Clone Frieza
Vegeta + Gohan Cell vs. Clone Cell
Goku + Yamcha vs. Frieza Goku + Yamcha + Tien
Gotenks + Tien Nappa + Cell
Piccolo + Krillin Vegeta + Krillin
Vegeta + Krillin vs. Clone Kid Buu Captain Ginyu vs. Clone Captain Ginyu
Vegeta + Buu
Goku (SSGSS) vs. Clone Kid Buu
Vegeta (SSGSS) vs. Frieza
Piccolo vs. Clone Piccolo
Krillin vs. Clone Krillin
Yamcha vs. Clone Yamcha
Tien vs. Clone Tien

In order to unlock these Special events, you just try to reunite the characters following the board above. Surely the amazing dialogues between these characters will make you feel so interesting.

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